Kristine A. Laughlin-Hall

Kristine A. Laughlin-Hall, is a board certified Physician Assistant, who received her training through the University of Washington, School of Medicine. She grew up in Alaska and recently had the opportunity to migrate to warmth. She drove from Alaska to Oregon in January of 2017 with her two children.She began practicing with Dr. Philip Wallace in February of 2017.

Kristi has a passion for sports medicine stemming from years of training and racing with the United States military at the National level on both the biathlon and marathon running teams. She is forever chasing and following her craze for playing outside. She resonates most notably with biking, skiing and fishing.

Practicing in the medical field was not the original plan. Kristi joined the Alaska Air National Guard in 1999 and began climbing the ranks. Her focus was on her career in combat boots. She was an armament systems specialist (weapons loader) for nearly 8 years, a medic for just over 4 years, a command and controller for approximately 3 years. She attained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-7), before getting picked up for a commissioning opportunity as a Logistics Officer.

The unfortunate, unexpected and preventable death of her mother at the young age of 45, altered Kristi's course. Her mother fell victim to medical negligence; overtaken with emotion, Kristi decided to live in her mother's honor and get back into the medical field. She sidelined her career in 'camo' in efforts to give back in the best way she saw fit-to live every day in her mother's honor. To this day, Kristi treats every patient as she wished her mother had been treated.

Kristi transferred to the 173rd Fighter Wing, Klamath Falls, Oregon in order finish off her military career as a National Guardsman. She will continue to practice as a Physician Assistant at a practice she loves, and raise her two children in a city she adores.

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Kristine A. Laughlin-Hall

Kristine A. Laughlin-Hall resonates most notably with biking, skiing and fishing.