• Dr. Philip Wallace

    Dr. Philip Wallace opened his practice Central Oregon Spine and Sports in February 2017. The practice focuses on regenerative pain management for the physically active.

Dr. Philip Wallace

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Dr. Philip Wallace is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is an expert in interventional spine and sports medicine, specializing in non-surgical management of acute and sub-acute musculoskeletal injuries and remote intraoperative monitoring. He opened his practice Central Oregon Spine and Sports in February 2017.

Dr Wallace has a passion for sports medicine, and is on the cusp of a burgeoning field integrating platelet rich plasma, stem cells and prolotherapy. These procedures are on the cutting edge of new technology that reestablishes healthy tissue to alleviate musculoskeletal pain.

Prior to being called to medicine, he enjoyed a professional music career in Nashville, Tennessee. For more than a decade he worked as a major label touring and recording artist. During these years as a guitar player he graced the stage of the Conan O’Brien Show and Grand Ole Opry.

It was a moment with his father, an orthopedic surgeon in Beaumont, Texas, that led Dr. Wallace away from the music industry and into the medical school. At age 76 Dr. Loring Scott Wallace sat in his living room opening bags and bags full of letters from thankful patients and community members upon his retirement. Through a great number of medical accomplishments, he had worked out of a wheelchair after becoming paralyzed from the waist down due to a rare autoimmune malfunction. Dr. Wallace watched his father, admired his work ethic and gentle spirit, and reflected on the culmination of decades of lasting impact on health and healing. He decided that he wanted to leave a similar imprint.

Dr. Wallace completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in June 2009 after receiving his M.D. at Meharry Medical College in Nashville. He pursued fellowship training in interventional spine and sports medicine in Southwest Spine & Sports in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Wallace is captivated by the surprise of falling snow on the high desert. He enjoys a full and active life with his wife Carrie and their two children. Scotty and Audrey. An avid fly fisherman and bird hunter, he is often found out in the Central Oregon woods with a fly rod, bike or camera. At home, he always has a guitar his hand chose from his 19-piece collection. His favorite is his Fender Telecaster that plays the blues like no other. Dr. Wallace successfully climbed Mt. Hood in 2011 and has completed the MS 150 together with his son three times.

"I try to empower patients and instill a sense of self-care. I’m not the quick fix. You have to be willing to walk down the road with me. It is an honest long-term relationship between patient and doctor, with the ultimate destination being pain resolution and healing." – Dr. Philip Wallace

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Dr. Wallace is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys recreating in Central Oregon.